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The Quest

High grade mechanical timepiece


Made in Germany. The Quest combines high-end materials and precise manufacturing to ensure top quality.


Our mechanical movement is Swiss Made and renowned for its durability and accuracy.


A testament to the timeless appeal of bold, industrial design. It includes familiar elements, yet remains unique and elegant in its approach.


With a high priority on delivering the best value, we provide exceptional quality at an very competitive price point.



Made in Germany


Case Size 42.0 mm
Thickness 11.7 mm


Screw-Down Crown
100 m Water Resistant


Coated Sapphire Crystal
316L Stainless Steel


Swiss Made Movement


Power Reserve: 41 h


Beat rate: 28.800 bph (4 Hz)


Accuracy: +/- 7 sec/day

Quick Release Mechanism

Steel Bracelet and Rubber Strap

The movement


The Sellita SW200 Elaboré, on which our automatic movement is based, is a testimony for the unmatched quality and reliability of Swiss Made mechanical watches. The intricate inner workings of an automatic movement are a true marvel of engineering and provide a unique experience for the wearer. With proper care, an automatic timepiece will endure the test of time. It will last for decades, providing long-lasting and enjoyable companionship. We’re dedicated to preserve the tradition of mechanical watchmaking and are proud to partner with Sellita.

The Limited Edition

Skeleton Automatik Movement

The Quest RBX is our limited edition. This rare timepiece features a high grade Swiss Made Skeleton movement from Sellita and a unique “Limited: 1 of 100” engraving on the exhibition caseback. Our high grade finish combined with the renowned quality of Sellita’s Swiss Made movements aren’t usually found at this price point. We’re proud to be able to offer this rare opportunity.

The Design


We draw inspiration from the iconic industrial designs of the 70’s and 80’s, known for their clean lines, geometric shapes and precise execution. The Quest embodies these principles while also adding its own original style, unique features and a modern aesthetics, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind timepiece. We are committed to creating timepieces that honour the legacy of great watchmakers of the past, while also pushing the boundaries of what a watch can be. The Quest is a testament to this commitment.

Four colourways to match your journey.





Four colourways to match your journey.

Sterling Silver

Deep Black

Midnight Blue

Emerald Green

The Team


The beer gardens in Munich were the birthplace of Rosenbusch, where three German friends regularly met to share their passion for mechanical watches. Each of them has their own unique stories and experiences connected to watches. Memories of an old wristwatch passed on by a departed grandfather, or stories of a watch purchased to mark and celebrate the birth of a child were told and refreshed. For them, a mechanical watch is more than just a timetelling device. It can carry a tremendous amount of meaning, bringing memories to life and connection to people.

That's why they've decided to create Rosenbusch. Their goal ist to offer the experience of high quality mechanical watches to as many people as possible. By doing so, they want to share their passion and create connections and a sense of community.

This ethos, as well as their commitment to excellence, is what resulted in the creation of “The Quest”, a mechanical sports watch that embodies their passion for horology.

The Founders



“Good design is not just about how something looks, but how it works.”

Eli's background in architecture and engineering influences his unique approach to watch design. Combining form and function is the culmination of any good aesthetic. This philosophy is what he wants to bring to the brand and make evident in every product.


Compliance Manager

“Diligence is the mother of good fortune.”

Jonas' expertise in the financial sector brings a lot of persistance and attention to detail to Rosenbusch, ensuring that all aspects operate not only smoothly, but in an ethical and responsible manner.



“The greatest achievements are the sum of many small details.”

Nick's abundant experience in legal matters combined with his unique ability to identify what others overlook is what he brings to Rosenbusch, making sure that all aspects are compliant and legally sound.

Crafted with Style

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